Veeam restore option quits working with Error msg: Agent Failed to process method {dataTransfer.RestoreText}. Read: End of File

there is lack of documentation when it comes to many of the issues that shows up in Veeam.


After spending multiple sessions with multiple severity 1,2,3,4,5 engineers they had to escalate me to Tier 2 level soon to find out that what was holding my options to restore a file was Diskpart Automount was enabled. as per Tier 2 your Veeam backup and replication server (if you’re using VMware windows server 2012 R2) then this Automount needs to be disabled. mind you that we had that running for at least 2 years without a problem but suddenly disabling this got us past this errors that would not allow us to run a successful restore.


so that’s all we needed to following this lines I found in this forum so credits to this forum for having detailed instructions to use the DiskPart:


Another error you may also find when attempting to run a successful backup job or attempting to run a restore from as a Guest file restore (Windows) is:


Shared memory connection was closed.

Cannot open a remote backup for the file level restore. Storages: (then the path you are attempting to restore from .vbk)


Agent failed to process method {Mount.genericMount}. shared memory connection was closed.


we also were having incremental files not able to merge after their restore cycle which we had set to 7. according to tier II this would also be the reason why more to come to confirm this ….

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