In my short 2 years of consulting cloud experience (The one mysterious questions is)

I have been assisting customer in the cloud who are always interested to delegate or to have a Microsoft Partner delegate their Office 365 tenant.

(Disclaimer for those of you who don’t know when you become a partner all support gears are to be handled at the instead of the Orange need Help Widget?)

The instructions are not set in one place on how to set this up. (Get the Gray Partner app launcher to show up on my tenant’s blue waffle)

The links below will assist you on how to pair up your Microsoft Partner account to your Office 365 tenant so you can have the Microsoft Partner Option such as (Delegated Admin)

How to make this appear on my tenant?

New Office 365 Partner Admin Features


Office 365 Partner Admin Center Overview  (Full PowerPoint Presentation)


To activate partner features on an existing tenant:   <– (Slide 10 of PowerPoint. To enable Partner Admin Center to Office 365 Tenant)


To activate partner features on a new tenant:


Microsoft Partner Network


Once you have granted or accepted the Delegated admin you may go ahead and Modifying Permissions to a new Delegated Admin or Existing:


If the links above don’t make any sense feel free to open up a case from your Microsoft Partner at:

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