How to make an Access database fully visible via SharePoint online?

Recently, I had two customers ask about how to make their Access visible within SharePoint Online:

Customer 1 already had the data visible via Access Web Apps but this solution is going away so the new approach is using the PowerApp to connect to the old Web App:

Below are the instructions found on the links listed at the end of this posting:

Enable Connections for your Access Web App
1.Open the Access Web App in the Access client
2.Click the File tab > Info > click Manage within the Connections group
3.If your Access App is on SharePoint Online, select From Any Location or From My Location to allow connections. Note: If you are on an IPv6 network, you will only have the option to connect From Any Location. In an on-premise installation, these options are not available.
4.Select either Enable Read-Only Connection or Enable Read-Write Connection
5.Depending on the previous selection, select either View Read-Only Connection Information or View Read-Write Connection Information
6.Copy and paste the Server, Database, UserName and Password values into Notepad or Word, or leave the Connection Information window open so you can copy and paste the information from it later.

Then in PowerApps the source type to use is SQL Azure, and you will be asked for a connection string. Use the following….,1433;Database=MYDATABASE;User ID=MYUSER;Password=MYPASSWORD;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=False;Connection Timeout=30;

7) Customers have expressed how PowerApps is still now a fully replacement for the AccessWebapps which will be deprecated this month *June 2017*.
8) We were able to offer cx understanding over the matter but advised for him to follow up with the Forums.

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