Printing problems from my Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Office 2016

Excel (and Office) relies on the Default Printer to Render. So, this could potentially be a Printer Driver Issue. Here are some Instructions that may Help:


  1. Remove Problematic Printer Driver
    1. This Issue can be Caused by Various Printer Drivers. Microsoft Office Heavily Relies on the Default Printer for Various Rendering, Copy and Paste Functions. Sometimes You Can Resolve this by Closing Any Office Programs and Changing the Default Printer. Other Times, You Must Remove All Printers and Printer Drivers, then Add Them Back One by One to Confirm Which One it is.
  1. Navigate to: Control Panel->View by: Large (or Small) Icons->Devices and Printers
  2. Remove All Physical Printers (Meaning, Leave the Microsoft XPS Image Writer and Similar Printers)
  • Navigate to: Start->Run
  1. Type (and Click OK): net stop spooler
  2. Navigate to: Start->Run
  3. Type (and Click OK): net start spooler
  • Navigate to: Start->Run
  • Type (and Click OK): printui /t2 /s
  1. Remove All Physical Printer Drivers (Meaning, Leave the Microsoft XPS Image Writer and Similar Printer Drivers)
  2. Reboot and Confirm if the Behavior Changes
  3. If So, Add Printers Back Slowly, Confirming Issue Doesn’t Come Back After Each One

If the instructions above are too technical be sure to contact your Printer Manufacturer for the latest driver installation assistance.


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