Office 365 DNS records mysteries (Recommendations)


These are records you can request to add now for Office 365 services:

Hosted at: NS1 NS2 (Check in who is tools or MXtoolbox) (Do not move your NS records to the at all cost)

Record Type HOST Points to TTL
CNAME lyncdiscover 3600
CNAME msoid 3600
CNAME sip 3600
CNAME enterpriseregistration 3600
CNAME enterpriseenrollment 3600


Record Type Name Target Protocol Service Priority Weight Port TTL
SRV @ _tls _sip 100 1 443 3600
SRV @ _tcp _sipfederationtls 100 1 5061 3600



The edits below are for Future Reference.  (These will redirect your E-mail to Office 365)

These are for later if you Migrate your Mailboxes and Email Services to Office 365 from your current provider.  Below is reference link detailing what each record entry does and how it relates to Office 365 services.


Record Type HOST Points to TTL
CNAME autodiscover 3600
TXT @ v=spf1 -all 3600
MX @ 3600
CNAME mail 3600
CNAME webmail 3600



Microsoft Support Reference:

Create DNS records for Office 365 at any DNS hosting provider

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